Self-talk is one of the most important things we do in our lives. It can be incredibly helpful in keeping us positive and motivated, or it can be highly destructive if done poorly. These quotes about self-talk can help you think about using your self-talk to your advantage.

Best quotes on self-talk

Check out these quotes on self-talk and see if they inspire you to change the way you talk to yourself. 

  • Your self-talk is the channel of behavior change. – Gino Norris
  • Self-talk should be a conversation of priority with oneself. It can be encouraging when having a positive outlook on life with your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Be Optimistic with positive thinking, and it can be an effective way to better your wellbeing with excellent outcomes in life. As a result, you will have greater life satisfaction. – Jesus Apolinaris
  • Self-talk reflects your innermost feelings. – Dr. Asa Don Brown
  • Self-Talk is the most important conversation of your life. – Jesus Apolinaris
  • Effective self-talk strategies can give us a greater sense of control over our doubts, worries, and fears. – Noel Brick
  • Words matter. And the words that matter most are the ones you say to yourself. – David Taylor-Klaus
  • If you’re not talking yourself out of depression, you’re talking yourself into depression. – Curtis Tyrone Jones
  • There is no inspiration without being armed with the ability of self-talk. – Mwanandeke Kindembo
  • Loving or hating the life you are living is solely all in your repeated self-talk. – Edward Mbiaka
  • Self-talk also works wonders on energy levels. ― Liz Miller
  • Listen to the words you say. The very words you say to them are the very words you need to hear. Humans tend to give each other what they themselves need. So tell them these important things and then turn around and tell them to your very own heart. – Kate McGahan
  • The thoughts in your mind will always be more important than the things in your life. Choose happiness. – John C. Maxwell
  • Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening. – Lisa M. Hayes

Quotes on self-talk

  • Evidence is conclusive that your self-talk has a direct bearing on your performance. – Zig Ziglar

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  • I watch the self-talk that goes through my mind, and if I am being critical with myself, I shake myself out of it. — Anne Lamott
  • The quality of your life is the quality of your inner communication. ― Anthony Robbins
  • Watch what you tell yourself. You’re likely to believe it. – Russ Kyle
  • We all have voices in our heads which talk to us on an almost constant basis. Our voices give us messages continually, and what they say to us affects us. – Juliene Berk
  • Every waking moment we talk to ourselves about the things we experience. Our self-talk, the thoughts we communicate to ourselves, in turn, control the way we feel and act. – John Lembo
  • The language used in telling our personal story affects us. We reflect our mind chatter. – Kilroy J. Oldster
  • Relentless, repetitive self-talk is what changes our self-image. – Denis Waitley
  • If human emotions largely result from thinking, then one may appreciably control one’s feelings by controlling one’s thoughts – or by changing the internalized sentences or self-talk, with which one largely created the feeling in the first place. – Albert Ellis
  • The critical voices in our own heads are far more vicious than what we might hear from the outside. Our “inside critics” have intimate knowledge of us and can zero in on our weakest spots. – Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy
  • The self-talk of the ego-mind is so busy describing what is happening, judging whether it is good or bad for us, and telling us what we should think and do that there is little opportunity for our inner knowing to be heard. Instead, we remain attached to our assumptions, dreaming of the fulfillment we believe they will bring. – Russell Peters

Quotes about self-talk

  • The inner speech, your thoughts, can cause you to be rich or poor, loved or unloved, happy or unhappy, attractive or unattractive, powerful or weak. – Ralph Charell

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Self-talk quotes by athletes

Self-talk is a powerful tool that athletes use to psych themselves up before a game or competition. The following self-talk quotes by athletes show that this is a practice that spans across all sports and levels of competition. Whether you’re an Olympian or just playing in your neighborhood park, using positive words to fuel your mind can make all the difference. So next time you’re out there on the court or field, give yourself some encouragement with one of these inspiring quotes. You never know what might happen!

  • If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it–then I can achieve it. – Muhammad Ali
  • I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. ― Muhammad Ali
  • Be Mindful of your self-talk. It’s a conversation with the universe. ― David James
  • Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears. ― Laird Hamilton
  • Promise yourself that you will talk health, happiness, and prosperity as often as possible.– John Wooden
  • Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things. – Tony Dungy
  • Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. – Michael Jordan
  • “I have self-doubt. I have insecurity. I have fear of failure. I have nights when I show up at the arena, and I’m like, ‘My back hurts, my feet hurt, and my knees hurt. I don’t have it. I just want to chill.’ We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it, but you also don’t capitulate to it. You embrace it. ― Kobe Bryant
  • Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. – Satchel Paige
  • I always believe I can beat the best, achieve the best. I always see myself at the top. – Serena Williams
  • The hardest skill to acquire in this sport is the one where you compete all out, give it all you have, and you are still getting beat no matter what you do. When you have the killer instinct to fight through that, it is very special. – Eddie Reese

Self-talk quotes by athletes

  • I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.― Muhammad Ali

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Positive self-talk quotes

Positive self-talk is a great way to boost your mood and outlook on life. With a little bit of practice, you’ll find that you’re able to adopt a more positive attitude automatically – even on the most challenging days! By using these quotes about positive self-talk as inspiration, you can start to change your mindset and see the good in any situation.

  • Positive self-talk is to emotional pain as pain pill is to physical pain. – Edmond Mbiaka
  • Positive self-talk can build your self-confidence. Stanley T. Crawford
  • Remember that positive self-talk is an intrinsic part of a healthy mind. Asa Don Brown
  • Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. Brené Brown
  • Bring acceptance and compassionate self-talk. Say nice things to yourself – you’re the only one listening. Tell yourself; I am doing the best I can. – Gabrielle Bernstein
  • I monitor my self-talk, making sure that it is uplifting and supportive of myself and others. – Louise Hay
  • Make sure that you believe you deserve every kind and encouraging word you say to yourself. – Unknown
  • Some mornings you have to remind yourself that you got through yesterday and you will get through today too. – Lidia Longorio
  • The brain simply believes what you tell it most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice. — Shad Helmstetter
  • Friendship with oneself is all-important because, without it, one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. – Golda Meir
  • Be mindful of your self-talk. It is a conversation with the universe. You are a being full of infinite possibilities! Focus your mind with positivity, and you will have dictated the direction of your journey, your soul, and your being, cascading in infinite abundance. – Angie Karan

Positive self-talk quotes

  • Brain wave tests prove that when we use positive words, our “feel good” hormones flow. Positive self-talk releases endorphins and serotonin in our brain, which then flow throughout our body, making us feel good. These neurotransmitters stop flowing when we use negative words. – Ruth Fishel

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  • A gentleman that loves to hear himself talk will speak more in a minute than he will stand to in a month. – William Shakespeare
  • Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself. – W. Clement Stone
  • Her own thoughts and reflections were habitually her best companions. – Jane Austen
  • Consequences are connected to our actions. Therefore, it is crucial to be ever conscious and aware of what we think, do, and say. Those thoughts, actions, and words will literally define who we are.  ― Michael G Sawaya
  • Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart. ― Roy T. Bennett
  • The more man meditates upon good thoughts; the better will be his world and the world at large.― Confucius
  • Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results. Wade Boggs
  • Good thoughts bear good fruit; bad thoughts bear bad fruit. James Allen

Quotes about positive self-talk

  • Convince yourself every day that you are worthy of a good life. Let go of stress, breathe. Stay positive; all is well. Germany Kent

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Eye-opening quotes about negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is something that we all deal with at one time or another. It can be tough to break the habit of thinking negatively about ourselves, but it’s worth it! These inspiring quotes will help you see just how harmful negative self-talk can be and show you why it’s important to start changing your mindset today.

  • Don’t be a victim of your thoughts. – Darlene Lancer
  • Turn off any self-talk that tells you that you are destined to live a small life. You’re not. – Loral Langemeier
  • The way you choose to think and speak about yourself (to yourself and others), IS A CHOICE! You may have spent your whole life talking about yourself in a negative way, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue that path. – Miya Yamanouchi
  • Start listening to what you say. Are your comments and ideas negative? You aren’t going to become positive if you always say negative things. Do you hear yourself say “I could never do that”, “I never have any luck”, “I never get things right”. Wow – that’s negative self-talk! Try saying “I am going to do that”, “I am so lucky”, “I always try to get things right”. Can you hear how much better that sounds?” – James Arthur
  • Understanding negative self-talk means that you recognize it might be there to help you – but it also may end up hurting you. – Karen R Koenig
  • Self-stigma can be just a big a problem as the negative attitudes of others. Megan A. Arroll
  • Every time a negative thought enters your mind, think 3 positive ones. Train yourself to flip the script. Unknown
  • If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. Vincent Van Gogh
  • Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for. — Roy Bennett
  • When all is said and done, the one sole condition that makes spiritual happiness and preserves it is the absence of doubt. — Mark Twain
  • Give space to your thoughts, clear the noise in your head, chit-chat with your inner critic, decide and move on. ― Cristina Imre
  • When we direct a lot of hostile energy toward the inner critic, we enter into a losing battle. ― Sharon Salzberg
  • Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success. ― Charles F. Glassman
  • Don’t be a VICTIM of negative self-talk – remember YOU are listening. — Bob Proctor

Negative self-talk quotes

  • Turn down the volume of your negative inner voice and create a nurturing inner voice to take its place. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on instead of obsessing about it. Equally important, don’t allow anyone else to dwell on your mistakes or shortcomings or to expect perfection from you. – Beverly Engel

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Final Thoughts

I hope that these self-talk quotes have inspired you to change how you talk to yourself. The next time you find yourself speaking negatively about an aspect of your life (or someone else), take some time to reflect on what happened instead of letting those negative feelings consume your thoughts throughout the rest of the day – remember that self-talk matters! It’s never too late to change your self-talk.

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