Journaling is a helpful technique that not only makes you happy but also reduces stress, clears your mind, and makes you feel more at peace. You learn more about yourself while jotting down your thoughts and even get better ideas to improve yourself.

If you are interested in journaling but don’t know how to start it, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have thoroughly explained everything you need to know about practicing this beneficial technique.

Benefits of  journaling

First, let’s talk about the benefits of journaling. Writing in your journal can help you improve your mental and emotional health. If you have not tried it before, then test it by writing for a week at least. You would be surprised to find how it could help you sort out your thoughts and become a better ‘you.’ Journaling has a multitude of benefits. Some of its benefits are mentioned below.

  • Journaling is a highly effective self-care technique.
  • It can boost your mood by helping you release stress and tension.
  • Journaling increases self-awareness. You jot down your thoughts, analyze them and learn more about yourself.
  • It clears your mind and helps you make better decisions. If you have two options and cannot choose one, then write the pros and cons of both. Analyze the list of pros and cons. Pick the option that has fewer cons and more pros.
  • Another benefit of journaling is that it helps you reach your goals. You can write down different goals and plans to achieve them. Divide each goal into sub-goals. Make an achievable plan to reach those goals. After achieving a goal, write about your performance and struggle. Appreciate yourself for accomplishing a task.

How to start journaling

Although there are no specific rules to follow, here are few steps to help you get started on journaling.

Find your ‘why’

Like any other habit, journaling also requires a strong ‘why’ so that you can stick to it and get the most out of it. So, ask yourself why you want to journal. Is it to clear your mind, or do you want to manage your mental health? Find the reasons you want to journal. It could be anything that helps you feel better.

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Choose a journaling tool that you like

Before starting journaling for self-help, find how you want to write. Some people like journaling on the laptop by typing in Word documents while others like writing with a pen on the diary. So, you should choose the way that you like. This way, you will enjoy writing it down.

If you do not know which kind of journaling you like, try all of them to find the answer. Buy other accessories as well. Common journaling supplies include marker colors, stickers, pens, stencils, etc.

Pick a topic of your choice

Write on anything that makes you feel good. If you argued with someone, then write about it to let your feelings out. State reasons for the argument and think from the perspective of the other person as well. This will help you to understand their feelings and reasons. If you have exams in a few days, you can write about your goals and plan to achieve those goals.

Similarly, if you are managing several tasks at a time, then write about them and your productivity level. Think about ways of making those tasks easier for you. You can also write a gratitude list to realize how blessed you are.

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Track your emotions

Journaling allows you to track your emotions and release stress. So, whenever you are struggling with a certain emotion or feeling, take your diary and pen to jot down whatever you have in your heart. Clear your mind and heart. Consider your diary as a friend and write things that you cannot share with others. It will release stress, and you will have a clearer mind. You will find ways to sort out what is troubling you.

Write without the fear of judgment

Fear of judgment is what keeps us from talking about things going on in our minds. People judge you without knowing what you have gone through to become who you are today. On the contrary, your diary will never judge you no matter what you write on it.

Even when the fear of judgment tries to crawl back into your mind while journaling, reassure yourself that it is a judgment-free zone. Write freely and let the journaling help you take care of yourself.

Make it easy and fun

Making journaling fun and easy will help you to stick to this habit. Keep your diary and pen near you so you can get them easily. Pick a time for journaling when you are free and less stressed. Doing it at a fixed time every day may make you feel like you are fulfilling a duty. Doing so can tire you for no reason.

Do not burden yourself by writing several pages. It is better to start small if you are a beginner. Get a few beautiful accessories to make journaling for self-care enjoyable and fun.

Write consistently

It does not matter how perfect you write but what matters is how consistently you write. Therefore, pick a time and try to write every day without any gap for at least one day. Even when you do not want to write anything writing sentences like “I do not feel like writing today” will help you make it a part of your routine.

The best  journaling ideas

A lot of time, people cannot decide about the topic of journaling. If you, too, are short of journaling ideas, then here are the simple ideas that will help you write better.

  • Make a gratitude list and write things you have in your life but never cared much about them.
  • Write about your dreams and goals. Think about possible ways to achieve them.
  • Did you make a mistake recently? Write about it and confess that you did wrong. Forgive yourself and write about ways to make the situation better.
  • Explore your feelings if you think you are unaware of them. Find more about yourself.

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Final Thoughts

Journaling is a very beneficial activity that can help you in multiple ways. Start with how your day went, then move on to other topics like your emotions, feelings, dreams, goals, etc. Write freely without the fear of judgment. Write a small paragraph even when you do not feel like writing. It will help you to make self-care journaling a healthy habit.

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