Gratitude has countless benefits for mental health and physical health. A study conducted by University of Southern California (USC) experts has shown that gratitude can increase happiness and improve physical health. Practicing gratitude can also improve sleep, boost the immune system, reduce physical pain, lower inflammation and blood pressure levels. (1)

For those who believe in the law of attraction, it is said that gratitude is a powerful exercise for attracting and manifesting all of the things that you want. According to the law of attraction, when you succeed in experiencing the emotion of gratitude, you are “sending the message” to the Universe that you are already feeling satisfied with the things you have. And when the Universe gets that kind of message from your inner being, you will start receiving more things on that same vibration. You will get more to be grateful for. (2)

 “When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.” Anthony Robbins 

  How to practice gratitude?

The whole point of gratitude is to stop thinking about the things you don’t have and start focusing on the things you are blessed with! Gratitude is a skill that everybody can learn, and the easiest way for that is by creating your own gratitude journal. Get a blank notebook and a pen, and allow yourself five minutes to complete your journal every day. If you are worried that you won’t be able to express yourself through journaling, gratitude journal prompts are exactly what you need.

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 What is a gratitude journal prompt?

Gratitude journal prompts are questions and statements that can spark ideas and inspire you to start your gratitude journal. I know it can be challenging to figure out what you are grateful for, especially when you are going through hard times. Nevertheless, gratitude journal prompts can help you get a clearer perspective of your blessings, making your journaling much easier.

 40 Gratitude prompts to help you uncover all the blessings in your life

In this article, you’ll find some of my favorite journal prompts to help you practice gratitude.

gratitude prompts

1. Name one thing that comes to your mind when you think of gratitude.

2. Make a list of three personality traits you’re thankful for.

3. Name one skill you have that you’re grateful for.

4. What is your favorite hobby?

5. What are you most looking forward to today?

6. Describe the best part of your day.

7. What did you accomplish today?

8. Describe one of your greatest accomplishments in life.

9. Name one good thing that happened to you in the last week.

10. Describe one thing you’ve learned recently that you are grateful for.

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11. What family member are you grateful for today?

12. Write about one nice conversation you’ve had with someone recently.

13. What is the most delicious meal you’ve had recently.

14. Look around yourself right now. What are you thankful for?

15. Name something that cheers you up on a rough day.

16. Write about that one time you’ve been so thirsty and finally drank water.

17. When is the last time you’ve enjoyed a bike ride or a nice walk in a park?

18. Write about that time when you’ve hugged and kissed someone special².

19. Describe something nice that you’ve seen today.

20. Describe the emotions that you experience whenever you’re spending time with the ones you love.

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21. Name two things that always make you happy whenever you think about them.

22. Describe one simple pleasure that you’re grateful for.

23. Make a list of five things you are grateful to have today that you didn’t have five years ago.

24. Write about one of your happiest memory.

25. Make a list of five ways you are fortunate.

26. Describe a place you’ve been that you’re thankful for.

27. Write about a friend you are grateful for. What makes that person unique?

28. Describe your favorite season of the year.

29. Write about two favorite things you like to do at home.

30. Make a list of five things you like about your life.

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31. Write about a random act of kindness a stranger showed you.

32. What is your favorite song? How does that make you feel?

33. Name someone that makes you feel safe.

34. Describe a time someone went out of their way to help you.

35. Name one thing you love about your town.

36. Make a list of five things that made you laugh out loud this week.

37. What have you been given recently that you are grateful for?

38. What challenges are you thankful for?

39. Describe your favorite vacation.

40. Write a thank you note to yourself.

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 Final thoughts

A daily gratitude journal practice is the best way to help you remember all the wonderful things you experience every day. But if you don’t know where to start, I hope these gratitude journal prompts will give you an idea of where to start. Furthermore, by reading these gratitude prompts, you will start paying attention to things you take for granted or things you may not consider a blessing in your life.

 “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward

More resources to inspire your gratitude practice

Here are some articles for getting started with and enhancing your own gratitude practice. I hope you find them helpful.


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