Trying to find the best guided journals can be a little overwhelming. There are tons of options out there, and it’s hard to know which one will work best for your needs or if they’re even worth it in the first place. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite guided journals and why I love them. Hopefully, this list will help you narrow down your choices.

What are guided journals?

Guided journals are usually designed to help individuals work through certain problems by writing about them. They often come with prompts, exercises, and other materials that allow you to explore the things that matter most to you.

  • Guided journals provide a personalized experience for your needs.
  • They are a great way to get into the habit of writing.
  • A guided journal is like having someone there to help you work through difficult thoughts and feelings.

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Best Guided Journals

If you ever wanted to get into journaling but didn’t know where to start or had the idea that it would be difficult and time-consuming, you need to try one of the following guided journals.

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Best Guided Journals for Mental Health

Mental health guided journals are a great way to set goals for your mental health and monitor your progress. They can help you work through feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that make life hard.

  • 2022 Mental Fitness Diary by resilience agenda

We all know that mental health is essential, but it’s hard to make time for it. That’s where the Mental Fitness Diary comes in! It offers practical tips for improving your mental health. It makes it easy for anyone to find ways to improve their mental well-being daily through over 50 practical activities like mindfulness exercises, gratitude lists, and more. The diary also includes inspirational quotes, tips from experts on topics such as nutrition, sleep balance, and exercise – all critical factors when it comes to maintaining good mental health.

Get your 2022 Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Diary today.


  • The Anxiety Check-In

Anxiety sucks, and it’s often hard to find tools that are simple enough for the days when we just aren’t able to cope with things in our own heads or with advice that feels too generic because it doesn’t fit our specific situation.
The Anxiety Check-In is a very simple journal with guided prompts designed to help you sort through thoughts racing in your head. This journal is for anyone struggling with anxiety who wants to feel better and live more fully in the present moment. It provides you with the tools you need to deal with your worries constructively while still enjoying life as much as possible! You’ll learn about positive mental health, what causes stress and pressure, and how to effectively reduce both. It also
covers topics like wellness, self-love, depression, self-awareness. Get The Anxiety Check-In Here.

  • Let That Sh*t Go

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and it can be hard to let go of the struggles you face. Let That Sh*t Go is a journal that helps you find moments of peace and happiness, even when life gets crazy. It’s full of activities that will help you get rid of the negative thoughts in your mind so you can focus on all the positive things happening around you.

This illustrated journal is the perfect antidote for anyone who struggles with anger or resentment. This book provides simple tools and activities. Instead of holding onto negativity, why not use this book as a way to find peace? The activities are fun and lighthearted so that it won’t feel like work at all. Check out Let That Sh*t Go Here

  • No Worries

Worry is a natural part of life, but it can become disruptive when it starts to consume your thoughts and take over your day-to-day activities. No Worries is a 12-week journal designed to help you process what’s on your mind, identify the sources of your anxiety, develop positive thinking habits, and prioritize overall wellness and mental health. Using this journal every day for 12 weeks will help you identify new tools for managing your worries before it starts spiraling out of control. You can order No Worries here.

  • Burn After Writing

Research shows that heavy social media use can increase the risk of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Burn After Writing helps you turn off your phone, log out of social media apps, close down your browser and spend time reflecting on important things instead of shallow ones. This journal offers insightful questions to help you reconnect with yourself and gain perspective on what really matters in life.
It’s excellent for anyone who is sick of scrolling through social media feeds filled with over-the-top posts or status updates that make them feel inadequate or insecure themselves. This journal aims to help you push your limits, be honest with yourself, and be vulnerable. After you finish writing, you can hide it, bury it, or burn it! Grab Burn After Writing here.
FYI, the journal does not come with real matches ?

Guided Journals for Self-Care and Self-Love

Self-care guided journals are perfect for busy people who want an easy way to take care of themselves without having to think too much about what they should do next.

  • Find Your Own Magic

Find Your Own Magic is a guided self-care that will help you start your day feeling happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before.
It’s filled with prompts to boost mindfulness, gratitude, and positivity. You can use it to improve wellness and self-love every day of the year. This journal makes an excellent birthday or Christmas gift! Get it here.

  • Self-Care Check-In

The Self Care Check-In is a perfect way to start taking care of yourself. This journal is packed with research-based techniques and will help guide you through thoughtful reflection and active planning so that you can be your best self.
You’ll identify unhelpful patterns in your thinking that are holding you back from achieving your goals―and learn how to overcome them. You’ll discover ways to cultivate positive emotions that will make it easier for you to be kinder and more patient with yourself when things don’t go as planned―and ultimately live up to your potential in every area of life. And much more!

By taking time each day to check in with yourself using this journal, you can open the door to a healthier lifestyle and unlock joy along the way. Order yours here.

  • Self-Love Workbook for Women

Do you struggle with loving yourself? This Self-Love Workbook for Women will help you learn how to embrace who you are and build your self-esteem. You’ll discover what self-love is, the benefits of practicing it, and then immerse yourself in exercises that will help you improve your relationships.

You’ll be able to identify the barriers that keep you from loving yourself fully and learn how to overcome them so that they no longer hold power over your life. This book includes proven techniques rooted in mindfulness, inspiring prompts, empowering affirmations, and much more. Once you start learning how to love yourself, everything else in your life will fall into place —including all of those relationships that have been difficult for so long. Grab it here

  • A year of self-care

The self-care industry is booming, but there’s still a lot of confusion about what it really means. A Year Of Self-Care will help you define your own version of self-care and make it part of your daily routine. You’ll learn how to nourish every aspect of who you are―body, mind, heart, and soul. And by the end of this year-long journey, you’ll have created a complete tool kit for taking care of yourself that lasts long after the pages run out!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or already know exactly what makes up holistic wellness for yourself―this journal has something new for everyone. Through 52 weekly guided prompts, you will explore different ways to practice self-care in all its forms. This journal also includes powerful affirmations and inspirational quotes from great thinkers into each week’s theme. You can order a year of self-care here.

Best Gratitude Guided Journals

Gratitude is a powerful thing. It has the power to transform your day, your week, or even your life. Gratitude is what you feel when you are aware of all you have in your life and how it can affect those around you. Guided gratitude journals can be a great tool to help cultivate this feeling and remind yourself just how lucky we are as humans living on this earth with so many opportunities for happiness and love.

  • The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is a great habit to develop, but it can be hard to stick with. This 5-Minute Gratitude Journal makes it easy and enjoyable to cultivate the habit of gratitude. The best part? It only takes a few minutes each day, so you can fit this into your schedule no matter how busy your life gets.

The journal features inspiring quotes, positive affirmations as well as a fun exercise explicitly designed for recognizing what’s great about your life right now, even if those things are small! There are also reflection prompts to think more deeply about what is essential in your life today and why. By using this journal every day, you’ll start noticing positive things happening around you and inside. Get yours here

  • Start With Gratitude

Start With Gratitude is a journal designed to help you build positive habits by focusing on gratitude daily. This journal is designed with daily thought-provoking prompts that will get you focused on what’s important in your life; from reflecting on where you want to go next to appreciating what makes each day special and everything in between. This journal features carefully curated inspirational gratitude quotes. It also includes tips on how to be more thankful throughout the year as well as some great resources on positivity & happiness. You can order it here.

  • Gratitude Journal for Women

The Gratitude Journal for Women has 52 weeks’ worth of space for expressing what matters most to you in your daily life. By writing down three things each day, this journal can change your outlook on life while helping you become more optimistic, confident, and happy! What I like the most about this gratitude journal is its section dedicated to paying it forward, which inspires you to show appreciation and creates a contagious cycle of gratitude. Shop the gratitude journal for women here.

Mindfulness Guided Journals

Mindfulness is a way to be aware of the present moment and accept it without judgment. It has been shown to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Mindful guided Journals are perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to stay mindful throughout their busy days!

  • I Am Here Now

I Am Here Now is a journal and guidebook that will help you find moments of mindfulness in everyday life while unleashing your creativity along the way. With guided meditations, coloring pages, habit-breakers exercises, daily prompts & more, this book will help you cultivate greater awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Get yours here

  • Present Not Perfect

Present Not Perfect helps you slow down by giving yourself permission to spend time alone with your thoughts in order to reconnect with what’s important in life. It also gives you space to reflect upon your values so that you can make better decisions about how best to live each day. This journal aims to break the cycle of busyness caused by constant pressure to perform up to unrealistic expectations of perfection.
By writing your thoughts down in this beautiful guided journal, you will gain clarity on your priorities so that you can live a happier life without feeling guilty for not being perfect enough. You can order yours here.

  • The mindfulness Journal

The Mindfulness Journal is perfect for anyone who wants to make mindfulness a part of their daily routine but doesn’t know where to start. It provides 365 daily writing prompts divided into 52 weekly mindfulness topics. This gives you seven days to fully immerse yourself in each topic and really get your thoughts down on paper. Each prompt is on its own separate page, so you’ll have lots of room for reflection and space to write. Shop the mindfulness journal here.

  • Zen as F*ck

Zen as F*ck will help you find the balance between living your best life and letting go of the bullsh*t around you. Each page offers an opportunity to take a deep breath and connect with the present moment without being too serious about it. By embracing your inner potty mouth, this journal will help you feel more at ease with yourself while also guiding you on an inward journey toward serenity. Get yours here

Guided Journals for Healing

Journaling can be a positive and supportive tool during your healing process. Here are the best guided journals to help you get started on your journey towards healing. These journals are not intended to be a replacement for therapy.

  • The Inner Child Journal

The Inner Child Journal is a tool that will help you heal your childhood wounds so that you can become the best version of yourself possible. It’s designed for adults who have suffered significant trauma or neglect in their childhoods, but anyone can benefit from this guided journaling experience.

The journal contains 50 writing prompts that will teach you how to communicate with your Inner Child in an empathetic manner so that both parts of yourself can heal together over time. You can order the inner child journal here.

  • Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy will help you stay grounded, present, and in touch with yourself throughout the year. Featuring prompts, inspiring healing quotes, and exercises, It will help you heal on many levels as writing helps release stress, worry, and concerns in daily life. You’ll accelerate your ability to accomplish your goals by keeping track of what matters most to you each day. And if done effectively, it’ll change everything in your life for the better!

By the end of this 365 days journey, you will know yourself on a profound level like never before – which means more happiness & fulfillment every single day of your life. Shop Soul Therapy Here.

Guided Journals for Happiness

Did you know that the simple act of writing down your thoughts and feelings can help eliminate stress, increase happiness? Check out the best guided journals to get started.

  • Find Your F*cking Happy

Find Your F*cking Happy! The name says it all! This journal helps you take stock of what makes you happy, and guides you to find ways to make your life better for yourself and everyone around you. It features exercises or activities designed to help lift your spirits up while giving you a fresh perspective on how things really are in this crazy world we live in today. This amazing journal will help you get through the rough patches in life by keeping your mind on happier things instead of dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions. You can order it here.

  • Getting To Good

Getting to Good is a happiness journal designed to help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude and improve your life using science-based therapeutic methods. With this journal, you can learn how to be happier by focusing on what’s good in life rather than what isn’t.
The book includes feel-good writing prompts with space for reflection, plus exercises for building positive emotions into your day. Grab yours here.

Guided Journal for Personal Growth

These are the best guided journals for your personal growth journey. They will help you discover your strengths, feel more confident in yourself, and achieve the goals that matter most to you.

  • This Year I Will…

This Year I Will… Journal will help you break down your goals into manageable steps so you can start achieving them right away. With 52 thought-provoking weekly prompts, this journal will give you gives an inspiring space for self-reflection and the tools you need for personal growth and success. The journal is designed specifically for women who want more out of their lives than just surviving each day.

By using this journal as part of your daily routine, you can overcome obstacles and become the best version of yourself possible! Whether it’s starting a side business or working toward financial independence, learning new skills ―you can do anything if you put your mind into it! Order yours here.

  • Positive You: A Personal Growth Journal for Women

Positive You is a personal growth journal that can help you develop a new mindset and create lasting change in your life. This journal designed for women features simple yet powerful personal growth journal prompts and exercises that will teach you how how to turn positivity into actionable habits so that you can become the best version of yourself possible. You can shop it here.

Guided Journal For Couples

Here are the best guided journals that help you and your partner or spouse to deepen and enjoy your relationship.

  • A Year of Us

Relationships take work, and that means talking about the hard stuff. A Year of Us offers 365 prompts to help couples get back into the habit of having meaningful conversations on a daily basis through journaling. It provides enough space for both partners to respond without feeling pressured to fill up pages with small talk or superficialities that don’t really move your relationship forward in any significant way.
Our questions cover an array of topics such as goals, secrets, dreams from childhood, sex life etc., so there should be plenty for you two to talk about. Check out this amazing couple’s journal here.

  • 100 Things I Love About You

100 Things I Love About You will help ensure that every significant other knows how much their loved one cares about them by creating a keepsake journal filled with reasons for loving them written in an engaging format. The prompts will help couples reconnect and strengthen relationships by bringing back fond memories of past experiences together as well as helping couples think about what makes their partners unique. With this gift book, words won’t be necessary because your feelings will shine through on each page. Get yours here.

Final Thoughts

Journaling has been something that has helped me through some of my darkest days. Though it can be hard at first to find what works best for you, once you do, journaling becomes one of the most rewarding practices that keep your mental health in check.

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