We all go through life encountering different people. Some of these people come into our lives and leave just as quickly as they came, while others stay for a longer period of time. No matter how long someone stays in our lives, they will always have an impact on us one way or another. These people come and go quotes are designed to inspire you during those times when you’re feeling down or lost. Let these quotes remind you that no matter who comes and goes from your life, you’ll always be okay.

People Come and Go Quotes

Have you ever had someone in your life who just suddenly disappeared? Maybe they were never really there, to begin with. People come and go all the time, and it’s not always easy to deal with. But sometimes, people leave for good reason. And when they do, it’s important to remember that there are other people in your life that will never leave you. Here are some quotes about ‘people come and go’ to help you remember that.

  • No matter what is going on in your life today, remember, it is only preparation. People come and go; situations rise and fall; it’s all preparation for better things. You must stretch, reach, grow into your goodness. Without the preparation we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we could not appreciate the goodness when it arrives. – Iyanla Vanzant
  • People come and go. But life is simply seeing who cares enough to stay. – Unknown
  • People come and go in your life. It is up to you to choose how you want to associate with that person. It is up to you to learn and imbibe things from such a person. – Rekha
  • Because people come and go. And those who stay are those whom we should never let go of. – Unknown
  • People come and go. Everyone that’s been in your life has been there for a reason, to teach you, to love you, or to experience life with you. – Anonymous
  • People come and go, and when they go, it’s because they have made the impact they were meant to make in your life. – Anonymous
  • People come, people go – they’ll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favorite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story, and you start up again with another book, and complete with new characters and adventures. Then you find yourself focusing on the new ones, not the ones from the past. – Nicholas Sparks
  • Like actors on stage, people will come and go in your life when their role in your life comes to an end. – Unknown
  • What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is always moving on. It’s okay to look back to see how far you’ve come but keep moving forward. — Roy Bennett

People come and go sayings

  • People will come and go in life, but the person in the mirror will be there forever: so be good to yourself. – Unknown
  • Remember that people come and go, and of all the people in your life, you are the one who is there to stay. You are the one who can choose to love yourself, choose to respect yourself, and promise with all your heart that you will never leave you. – Kimberly Kirberger
  • People come and go. That’s why I watch my back and trust only a few. – Anonymous
  • I don’t give up. I’m a plodder. People come and go, but I stay the course. – Kevin Costner
  • Nobody is worth stressing over. People come and go. Move on and go find yourself; the world is yours. Life goes on. – Unknown
  • Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history but not a part of your destiny. – Unknown
  • People come and go, but love always remains. Sometimes beautiful and sometimes a beautiful ache, but love always remains. – Jen Storms
  • People come and go in our lives. That’s why we have photographs and memories. – Unknown
  • All along your life, people come and go. Some hurt you, some make you smile, but each one of them leaves something of theirs with us. The new lessons they teach us, the new aspects of life they show us, making us better equipped to face the world – much stronger. – Karen Salmansohn
  • They say people come and go. But the truth is, no one really disappears from your life. People never really leave; their roles just change. – Unknown
  • Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints in our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. – Unknown
  • Seasons change, so do cities. People come into your life, and people go, but it’s comforting to know: the ones you love are always in your heart, and if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away. – Michael Patrick King

Quotes about people come and go

  • Life changes, people come and go and seasons never last. – Karen Kingsbury

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Friends Come and Go Quotes

No matter how close you are to someone, they will eventually leave your life. It’s hard to accept when a friend moves away, gets a new job, or simply falls out of touch. But these friends come and go quotes will help you remember that the most important thing is that you enjoyed their company while it lasted.

  • Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few, you should hold on. The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young. – Mary Schmich
  • Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.  – Henry Rollins
  • Friends come and go; I really don’t have time to be running after people. – Anonymous
  • All of my friends came and went, so it was a good thing I decided to become my own best friend. – Unknown
  • Just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything, they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them. – Marilyn Monroe
  • Friends come and go, but true friends leave footprints in your heart. – YashrajSuman
  • I would tell 17-years-old to be proud of who you are. Don’t try to change yourself for others. Focus on school and your future. Boys and friends will come and go; just focus on you and your future. – Lea Michele
  • The older you get, the more you live with ghosts. —  Nick Tosches
  • Friends are like stars, they come, and they go, but only the true ones glow. – Kushand

Friends come and go quotes

  • I am my best friend. Other friends may come and go, but I am always here for me. – Louise Hay
  • Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay like an octopus on your face. – Unknown
  • Friends come and go, but banners hang forever. —  Kobe Bryant
  • 99% of friendships are just visitors. Let them come and go. – Unknown
  • Always remember the stronger your position in life, the more enemies you’re gonna have while friends come and go. — Ziad K. Abdelnour
  • Friends come and go; you can’t control who stays and who leaves. — Anonymous
  • Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. — Arthur Bloch
  • Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart. — Eleanor Roosevelt
  • And sometimes you need to accept that friends come and go no matter what you will do. – Unknown
  • Although friends come and go through our lives, we still need them. Friends are important because they are there for us, and then most of the time, we are there for them. — Anonymous
  • Friends come and go, but family is forever. — Unknown
  • We have three types of friends in life: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. – Anonymous

Quotes about friends come and go

  • Friends come and go, but there’s always a reason. — Joey Parker

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More People Come and Go Quotes

Many people come and go throughout our lives. Some leave a lasting impression, and others are quickly forgotten. But each person that comes into our lives teaches us something, whether we realize it at the time or not. Read on for more people come and go quotes.

  • Some people come into your life just to teach you how to let go. – Unknown
  • That’s what life is about: people come and go. – Cecilia Ahern
  • People come and go in our lives, but memories stay forever. – Debasish. Mridha     
  • At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. – Unknown
  • People come and go in your life, but the one who remains with you till the end is the one who loves you despite your flaws. ― Sathyavathi
  • Nothing lasts forever. People come. People go. Some people can make a difference in your life and open you up to new opportunities, and others can take you down the wrong paths and influence the wrong decisions. Life will throw you many curve balls, at times you will drop life’s opportunity and others you will catch! At times backstabbing and bitterness will haunt you, but others there will be love and loyalty. – BQ
  • People come into your life and go, but you will always have to live with yourself. Make yourself pleasant, positive, and peaceful. ― Akin Olokun
  • Yes, some people will leave you if they can no longer tolerate your radiance & positive energy emanating deep down your soul. Keep shinning anyway and do it for you. ― Samuel Zulu
  • Unless you’re really going to have a serious relationship, don’t bring your kids into it. Don’t show your child that people come and go. – Kelly Cutrone
  • People come and people go. That’s life. Stop holding on to people that have let go of you. – Unknown

Quotes on people come and go


  • People come and go from our lives all the time. It’s not our fault that people leave. The Universe is just making room for new people with new lessons. – Sue Fitzmaurice
  • People coming and going in and out of your life is just another reminder that change is indeed the only constant in life, period. – Samuel Zulu
  • So many people enter and leave your life! Hundreds of thousands of people! You have to keep the door open so they can come in! But it also means you have to let them go! – Jonathan Safran
  • People come and go in life, but they never leave your dreams. Once they’re in the subconscious, they are immortal. – Patricia Hampl
  • People come and go in our lifetime, but we hold onto the ones worth keeping, the ones who have touched our lives in such a way that changes everything we thought we knew or felt; life itself changes. – Nina Jean Slack
  • People come and go, in and out of each other’s lives like it’s nothing. So I don’t know how/why this should be a big deal. –  Lauren Barnholdt
  • Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do. – McKayla Maroney
  • People come into your life, and they go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart and, if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away. – Candace Bushnell
  • People will come and go in your life; it is the ones that touch your heart that are your true friends whether near or far. – Leon Brown
  • People come and go in your life but don’t allow anyone to fade away from your face light. –Manish Thakur
  • You know, people, they play their part in your life, and they go. This is the world. Don’t be stuck to any one person or one thing that keeps bothering you. – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Some people come and go and are forgotten. But there are other people who share a part in our destinies. They come, they go, but they are never forgotten. They come, they go, but even after they go… they’re still here. They never really went anywhere. – C. JoyBell C

Quotes for people come and go

  • People come and go. Pain comes and goes, but so does joy. And if our hearts are closed because we don’t want to suffer, they won’t be open enough to recognize the joy as it flies by. – Geneen Roth

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Final Thoughts

While it is impossible to keep everyone in our lives forever, we can appreciate the time we had with them. The memories and good times shared will stay with us long after they are gone. These people come and go quotes remind us that life is ever-changing and that those who have left our lives were never really ours, to begin with. We should take comfort in knowing that the time we spent with them was special and unique, even though things may change down the road.

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