Positive affirmations are spoken or declared words that state your goals in concise terms, and it has become prevalent in this very time. These expressed words are a vital tool to renew your thoughts, mindset, and attitude to motivate and inspire you. One of the benefits of these statements is the ease of use and their ability to change the mood and attitude from negative to positive.

These declarations are directed to a positive state; for instance, you have a specific goal you wish to achieve, a task you want to carry out, or a situation you want to change. Often it has become helpful for improving your state of mind-body-health and changing your thought patterns and habits.

Unknowingly, you forget that your thoughts most often impact your mindset, behavior, expectations, and reality. That’s why affirmations are a powerful tool. Repeating them often can positively affect you. Before we go to the positive affirmations, let’s talk more about a positive mindset.

What is a positive mindset?

The mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given circumstances you find yourself. Having a positive mindset is making positive thinking a habit that helps you:

  • Make the most of any situation you find yourself in.
  • Approach life challenges with a positive outlook.
  • See failure or setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Be aware of your strength and abilities.

A positive mindset creates a real value in your life, but it is also linked with good health. Many research suggests that positive thinking may boost the immune system, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory damage of stress, and promotes healthier blood sugar levels. (1, 2,3)

“Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.” – Tony Dungy

How to create a positive mindset with daily affirmations?

Negative thoughts about ourselves happen to most of us. We feel like we aren’t good enough, like we aren’t as good as others, or we will find another way to devalue ourselves. These negative thoughts start to fester, and they will start to feel true. Saying and thinking positive affirmations about ourselves can help counteract those negative feelings about ourselves.

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By saying and thinking positive statements, you are more likely to attract positivity. If you repeat your affirmations consistently, you will put your mind in a positive mental state, which will make it harder for negative thoughts to intrude. It is very easy to think negative thoughts, and thinking positive thoughts doesn’t come naturally to everyone. That’s why we need to make a conscious decision to think these positive statements to reframe our mindset.

That said, just repeating a statement isn’t going to make things happen magically. You actually have to do the work! Repeat your affirmation every day to get into the headspace of achieving your goal and start believing you are strong enough to do it. When you get in the right headspace and build confidence about being strong enough to achieve your goals, it is much easier to get started. Though there might not be a huge difference after seven days, imagine the mindset shift after 30 days up to a year!

Bearing this in mind, it is crucial to think about things that will lead your path positively. So let’s look at 40 positive affirmations that will help create a positive dialogue with yourself thus improve your mindset. Using these positive affirmations daily will help you shift your mindset and be optimistic about the important things in your life.

Positive affirmations to improve your mindset

  • I can overcome anything I set my mind to.
  • I have everything I need in life to succeed.
  • I am in control of my future, and I will succeed.
  • I am inspired and motivated to achieve everything my heart desires.
  • I am forever grateful for all of the blessings I have.
  • I give myself permission to learn and grow.
  • I am becoming the person I want to be.
  • I am confident in the future. Every challenge, loss, and success I come across brings me closer to that goal.
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions that daunt me.
  • I am a powerful soul with unlimited potential.

  • My drive for excellence allows me to achieve my goals
  • I have a fire inside me pushing me forward.
  • I am a magnet for abundance and happiness.
  • I am worthy of positive changes in my life.
  • I possess the qualities needed to be successful.
  • My mind is full of excellent ideas.
  • I can use my skills to benefit myself and others.
  • I am creatively inspired by the world around me.
  • My mind is full of brilliant ideas and wisdom to explore.
  • I am filled with hope, love, and abundance.

  • I am letting go and moving on from the setbacks.
  • I am a survivor.
  • My self-care is worth the best attention.
  • My steps are one of courage.
  • I am a difference-maker.
  • I am unique and the best.
  • I am blessed beyond measure.
  • I can achieve greatness.
  • I have the energy and the strength to accomplish anything.
  • I am evolving into a better version of myself.

  • I have a solid drive to follow my dreams and make them come true.
  • I feed into my mind only good and happy thoughts.
  • I live in abundance.
  • I am not defined by negative thoughts.
  • I am an attraction to opportunities that will improve my life.
  • I am the creator of my thoughts, and my thoughts will be my reality.
  • I will always be thankful no matter my situation.
  • I am open to limitless possibilities.
  • I free myself from the past.
  • I trust my inner wisdom.

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Final thoughts

There you have it. The goal of these daily affirmations is to help you build a positive mindset. Practice this crucial skill by making it part of you because it can help you in many ways throughout your life. Perhaps, it’s a lot easier to encourage others than you do to yourself, but we need to remember to promote ourselves as well. It’s important to note that affirmation will work when you are earnest enough and your thoughts and beliefs are strong.


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