Wednesday is often seen as hump day – the halfway point between Monday and Friday. But it doesn’t have to be depressing! Make today awesome by using these Wednesday affirmations to power through the day.

Powerful Wednesday Affirmations

Saying something nice to yourself can set the tone for your whole day and hopefully put you in a good mood. Here are some of my favorite affirmations to get you through your Wednesdays.

Wednesday morning affirmations

1. This is a beautiful Wednesday morning; I choose to be happy and positive.
2. I cherish this Wednesday because I’m alive and breathing.
3. I feel energized and ready to take on the day.
4. I am abundant. Wealth and prosperity flow into my life in limitless amounts.
5. I am courageous and confident. I can do anything that I put my mind to.
6. Today is a new chance to make a difference.
7. I am in control of my day.
8. Today is a new day, and I am open to all possibilities. All good things are waiting for me.
9. Every thought I think creates my reality. Today, I choose thoughts that empower me and serve others.
10. My body feels light and energized.
11. Today, I will not let fear dictate my life.
12. I am in control of my thoughts and actions today
13. Today, I will try my best to be happy and live in the moment.
14. Today, no matter what happens, will be an improvement over yesterday.
15. Today, I will be kind and compassionate with others.
16. I have what it takes to make this Wednesday great.
17. I have everything that I need to be successful today.

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More Wednesday affirmations for a productive day

The following list of affirmations will make you feel good about yourself and ready to take on anything this Wednesday.

18. I can handle anything today brings my way.
19. Today is an opportunity to do something new and exciting.
20. Today, I will take a deep breath and be grateful for my life.
21. All is well in my world today.
22. Today, I will accomplish everything on my to-do list.
23. I will do my best in all that I do today.
24. I’m going to have a productive Wednesday.
25. It is safe for me to be myself today.
26. Every task I complete today takes me one step closer to my goals.
27. Today will be filled with love, joy, and happiness.
28. My mind is clear and focused on what needs to be done.
29. I will complete everything that needs to get done today with ease and grace.
30. Today, I will make a conscious effort to be mindful of my actions and the consequences they may have.
31. I am a hard worker and can accomplish anything.
32. Today, I will do something that makes me proud of myself.
33. I will be successful today at work, no matter what obstacles are put in front of me.
34. I’m grateful for my opportunities to grow, learn new things, and make an impact.
35. I focus on what’s working well today instead of dwelling on what didn’t go as planned yesterday.

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12 Tips to make your Wednesday even better

Whether you’re a parent, student, or working professional, everyone wants to have a great day. Here are 12 tips to help make sure your day is amazing.

  • Wake up early and get your day started off right.
  • Spend some time alone in silence, meditation, or prayer before the start of your day. It’s also a great time to practice your Wednesday affirmations to help you keep a positive attitude the whole day.
  • You should also drink lots of water because hydration helps you think clearly, feel energized, and look radiant.
  • Eat a good breakfast to give you energy for the day.
  • Plan out your schedule for the day and stay focused on what you need to accomplish.
  • Make sure you’re dressed comfortably and appropriately for the weather, as that will make you feel better about yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself – if something doesn’t go as planned, don’t beat yourself up about it.
  • Healthy eating habits are just as crucial as exercising- if not more- so try incorporating some fruits or vegetables into your diet to get vitamins.
  • Smile at people throughout the day – it could brighten their whole day!
  • Be mindful about how much time you spend online each day – set limits on how often you check social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Make time for self-care by doing something nice for yourself, like taking a bath, reading a book, or journaling.
  • Listen to some calming music before bed – it will help relax you and put you in an upbeat mood for tomorrow’s workday.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a way to start your day off on the right foot or want some reminders throughout, these affirmations should help. These are perfect as daily morning rituals and can be used any time of the day when you need an uplifting reminder that only takes about 5 seconds each time! Here’s to making your Wednesday awesome and doing it all with intention.

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