Have you ever felt like your body doesn’t measure up to what society believes is perfect? If so, this post might be for you. I’m going to share my favorite body-positive journal prompts. I hope you find something here that speaks to you and helps bring more self-acceptance into your life!

How Journaling Can Help You with Body Image

Everyone has their insecurities about themselves, but it seems like many of us are struggling with body image. Hopefully, journaling can be an empowering tool for those who have body image issues because it allows you to vent your frustrations without fear of judgment or retaliation from others. It also provides a space where you can document successes rather than focus on failures.
Journaling can indeed be an excellent way to maintain a healthy mental state, but it also has the potential to impact your body image positively.

One of the most common things people write about in their journals is their feelings, and when you’re writing down what you feel every day, you might feel less judgmental towards your appearance. This will allow you to move past any negative thoughts or emotions associated with your appearance, which is excellent for anyone who struggles with low self-esteem or negative body image. The more time passes between making harsh judgments about what they see in the mirror, the easier it becomes for them to come up with something kinder and more constructive to say. So if you feel like your body is never good enough, take steps towards self-acceptance by picking up a pen!

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Body Positive Journal Prompts

Body positive journal prompts are a great way to feel good about yourself and the body you live in.

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1. What do body image, body positivity, and body acceptance mean to you personally?
2. How is your body feeling today? What’s going on with it?
3. What are some of the things that you love about yourself?
4. How did you take care of your body today?
5. Describe what making peace with your body would feel like.
6. Write down one thing you like about yourself every day, even if it’s something small like “I’m strong enough to carry this bag” or “I can see really well at night.” You’ll be surprised how many great qualities we have!
7. Write about the first time you felt insecure about your body.
8. Write a letter to the person who hurt you with their words or actions that made you feel bad about yourself.
9. Write about a time when you felt really good in your body.

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10. How does body image impact you daily?
11. How can you honor your body today?
12. Write about one thing you can do to boost your body image.
13. What would you tell yourself if you saw a photo of yourself right now?
14. Draw a self-portrait of yourself and write how you feel about it.
15. Write a letter to your future self with advice on overcoming negative body image.
16. Write a list of ten reasons why you’re beautiful.
17. What is something your body does for you that makes it unique?
18. How do you want to feel in your body?

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More Journal Prompts to Help You Overcome Negative Body Image

19. How do you define beauty?
20. List two things you’re grateful for that your body allows you to do. (e.g., I am thankful my legs allow me to walk, or I am thankful my stomach allows me to digest food)
21. What would you say to a friend who struggles with body image?
22. Write three body positive affirmations or mantras that remind you of all the good parts of yourself, no matter what size or shape they are.
23. Write six compliments you can give to yourself.
24. What do you think your body needs right now?
25. How does happiness feel in your body?
26. If your body could speak, it would say…
27. What do you think is holding you back from loving your body?
28. How can you be kinder to your body?
29. List three things that are not helping your body image.
30. Reflect on a recent situation when you were able to feel confident in yourself.

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31. List five things that make you happy about your body.
32. Create a list of all the positive qualities that make up who you are.
33. How would you describe the way you feel about yourself in one word?
34. Have a conversation with your body image and tell it how much better life will be when we overcome this problem together.
35. Write down all the compliments people have given you over the years.

Final Thoughts

When we feel good about our bodies, it’s easier to be confident and positive in all areas of life. I hope these body-positive journal prompts will help you find the inspiration to feel good about yourself and the body you live in. These journal prompts are designed to help you get more comfortable with your body, start focusing on what is working for you and remind yourself that you’re worth so much. You can use them anytime during the day or week, and they don’t have to be completed all at once. If some days seem too hard, just go back to the ones from previous days and try again next week.
You deserve a beautiful existence! I wish you all the best on your journey towards self-acceptance and being comfortable within your skin.

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