There is something about writing in a journal before bed that’s so calming. It feels like the day has been put to rest, and we can now turn our focus inward to reflect on what we’ve done and how it made us feel, as well as what will make for a great tomorrow. Why not give yourself this gift? Journaling before bed will help you sleep better, be happier, and become more productive.
This blog post contains 25 bedtime journal prompts that will help you write your own personal journal entry every night! They’re designed with fun and ease in mind, so you’ll never have an excuse again! So take some time tonight or any other night of the week. (even if it’s just for 10 minutes)

If you’re looking for a way to record your thoughts before bed, look no further! Use these nighttime journal prompts to think about the day’s events and how they made you feel. From there, try writing an answer to each prompt you like or doodle something that helps illustrate your thoughts. It’s up to you! Have fun with it!

Don’t fight with the pillow, but lay down your head And kick every worriment out of the bed. Edmund Vance Cooke

Why Should You Consider Journaling before Bed?

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning before bed, unable to sleep because of the thoughts running through your head?
If you’re anything like me, the second your head hits the pillow at night is when all of your thoughts start racing. You may be thinking about what you need to do tomorrow or maybe even something that happened earlier in the day. There are so many things on your mind, and it can be hard to get out of this mindset once you’re there.

Journaling before bed allows you to jot down any thoughts that may have been running through your head during the day, and then they will no longer bother you while trying to fall asleep at night! Journaling is a great way to let out pent-up frustrations, worries, and stresses. It can also help with creative thinking by getting ideas out of your head and onto paper. It can be very helpful for people who struggle with insomnia – or don’t sleep well – to try an alternative solution rather than relying on medications that have side effects.

You don’t need fancy supplies to journal, just pen and paper (or if that’s not available, then your phone). You’ll feel calmer after getting everything off your chest during those restless moments before bedtime! The most important thing is that you are comfortable with what you are putting down on paper. Write whatever feels natural for you.

Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking. – Rumi

25 Bedtime Journal Prompts to Help You Unwind

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with new things to write about in your journal, especially after a long and stressful day. These bedtime journal prompts or evening journal prompts will help you get started. They will help you relax, sleep better, and feel more refreshed tomorrow morning!

nighttime journal prompts

  • What did you do today?
  • Did you accomplish anything?
  • How did you feel during your day (happy, sad, angry)?
  • Pick one word that describes how today has been for you (was it calm or hectic, productive or unproductive, etc.) and write a sentence about it (e.g., today was calm because I spent most of the day doing work around the house.)
  • How am I feeling right now?
  • What are three things on your mind right now?
  • What are you grateful for today? And Why
  • Were there any funny moments today or with friends or family members?
  • Is there anyone in your life who makes you feel good about yourself just because they’re around you?
  • What was the best thing that happened to you today?
  • What was the hardest part of your day today?
  • How is this day different from yesterday?

Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more. — Robert A. Heinlein

More Nighttime Journal Prompts

  • Write a funny or embarrassing moment from today.
  • Have you done anything to make someone else happy today?
  • Did anything happen today that makes you want to be a better person in the future?
  • Write something that made you angry or upset today.
  • How can you show your gratitude for what you have been given this day?
  • What did you learn about yourself today?
  • Write one thing that made you feel loved today.
  • Write your tomorrow’s to-do list.
  • What are your top three priorities for tomorrow?
  • How can you make tomorrow better than today?
  • What are you most looking forward to tomorrow and why?
  • How do you want to feel when you wake up tomorrow morning?
  • How is your sleep schedule going?

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Final thoughts

Keeping a journal at night is an excellent way to reflect on your day and process any emotions you may have been feeling. It has been proven that writing about the events of our days can help us sleep better, which in turn leads to clearer thoughts and feelings during the next day’s activities. I hope these bedtime journal prompts will inspire you as much as they do me!
If you’re struggling for ideas, just go back through the list again until something feels right for you.

May sleep envelop you as a bed sheet floating gently down, tickling your skin and removing every worry. Reminding you to consider only this moment. – Jeb Dickerson

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