We all have those days when our moods are low, and we need a pick-me-up. It’s easy to find excuses to stay in bed, skip meals, and neglect our mental health. However, there are simple habits that we can incorporate into our daily lives that will help us boost our moods instantly. In this blog post, I will share some tiny mood-boosting habits that you can start today!

Simple Habits To Lift Your Mood

Here are 15 easy things you can do to lift your spirits and start feeling better.

Open up your curtains and let light in

Taking a few moments to open the curtains or blinds and let the natural light into your home can make all the difference in improving your mood. Not only does it give you the opportunity to enjoy some vitamin D from the sun, but it also helps increase serotonin levels which is known to improve one’s overall sense of well-being.

Take a walk in nature

Walking in nature is one of the best ways to clear your head and get some fresh air. Taking a walk in the park or along the beach will help you de-stress and restore your sense of peace and calm. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise!

Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps us focus on the positive things in life instead of dwelling on our worries and negative feelings. Take a few minutes each day to think about what you are thankful for and write it down if it helps. This one small habit can make an enormous difference in how we view the world around us.

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What you can do to help boost your mood

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Listen to music

Music is a powerful tool that can instantly change our moods. Listening to upbeat music can help lift your spirits when you’re feeling down while calming tunes can relax you after a stressful day. Put together a playlist of songs that always make you feel good!

Eat healthy foods

Eating nutritious foods will not only boost your physical health but also help improve your emotional well-being too. Eating healthy meals rich in essential vitamins and minerals will give you more energy and make it easier for you to stay positive throughout the day.


Stretching helps loosen tight muscles and increases circulation throughout the body, which in turn helps ease tension and improve flexibility. Take five minutes daily to stretch out your body for an instant mood booster.

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Smile at yourself in the mirror

Smiling is scientifically proven to make us happier! So give yourself a big smile every morning when you look in the mirror—it’ll instantly boost your mood and put you in a more positive frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Talk about something positive with someone close

Talking about something positive with someone close is an excellent way to lift both your and their spirits! Whether it’s catching up on each other’s lives or talking about something funny that happened recently, having meaningful conversations with people we care about is always beneficial for both parties involved!

Take a few deep breaths

Taking a few slow, deep breaths is a great way to relax and reduce stress levels. Deep breathing has been proven to help lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and increase feelings of calmness.

Take a shower or bubble bath

Taking a hot shower or soaking in a warm bubble bath can be incredibly therapeutic for both your body and mind. Allow yourself to take some time away from distractions and just relax in the water while listening to calming music or deep breaths.

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Read for fun

Reading is an excellent way to escape reality and immerse yourself in another world for at least a few minutes each day. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, reading books has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity. Plus, it’s free entertainment!


Journaling is another great habit to get into if you want an outlet for your thoughts, feelings, worries, joys, etc… Writing down your thoughts on paper allows you time to process them without feeling overwhelmed by everything happening around you. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to reflect on how far you have come since writing those words down on paper!

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Take a nap

A quick nap during the day can do wonders for improving one’s mood and energy levels throughout the rest of the day. Even if it’s just 15 – 20 minutes of shut eye (or even less!), taking a quick nap can help reset your body clock so that you feel recharged and ready for whatever comes next!

Spend time with your loved ones

Spending quality time with family members or friends helps us feel connected with others which boosts one’s overall happiness level significantly over time! Whether it’s cooking together in the kitchen or playing board games together – spending quality time with loved ones helps strengthen relationships while providing much-needed comfort when life gets tough sometimes too!

Pet an animal

petting an animal releases oxytocin which has been shown to reduce stress levels. Animal companionship has also been known as therapeutic for many people, so why not spend some quality time cuddling with your pet? Whether it’s cats or dogs, – pets always provide unconditional love no matter what kind of day we’ve had!

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Unleash your creativity

Channeling creative energy through activities like painting or doodling is not only calming but can also be quite therapeutic too! Drawing out designs helps ease tension while giving us something tangible that we can look back on with pride afterward, too!

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep deprivation is linked with poor physical health and emotional instability, so getting enough restful sleep every night is essential if we want our bodies (and minds) to function at their best throughout the day! Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night so that we wake up feeling refreshed.

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Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many tiny habits that can help boost your mood instantly! Remember, it doesn’t take much effort or time—just 5 minutes here or there—to make these tiny changes happen in your day-to-day life. Try incorporating one or two into your routine today, then watch as they positively impact not only your own mental health but also those around you! With such simple changes leading to amazing results, why wait? Start boosting your mood today!

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