Habits go a long way in defining who we are today, who we will be in the future, and the things we will achieve. This is why we must strive at all times to rid ourselves of bad habits as much as possible. Although you may try to hide them, bad habits have a way of showing up when one least expects them to.

Bad habits don’t just come up in an individual; they are created when one consciously or unconsciously repeats an action. It can also rise from the negative mindsets of individuals. We all know that the mind is the epicenter of all our thoughts and actions, and when the mind is corrupt, it takes little or no time for whatever is thought to manifest.

One thing about habits is that most people don’t acknowledge they have one until it results in something bad. That small action, that little move that you feel doesn’t matter, does because that is how it all starts until it sticks and becomes hard to go away. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and it would be better to avoid these habits than to flush them out.

Let’s look at some habits you should avoid in the morning so you can have total control of your life.

1. Hitting the snooze button

This is what most of us do when the alarm wakes us up in the morning. It’s natural to want to have an extra 5 minutes sleep after doing 6 – 7 hours but come to think of it, we may lose that important appointment or go late to work because of this act, and if it persists, it can be a toxic habit.

Scientifically, hitting the snooze button sends your brain a signal that you want to go back to bed. When you wake about, say, 10 minutes later, you would be causing grogginess and drowsiness, which can make you feel dizzy throughout the day.

2. Pressing your phone

Aside from the fact that mobile phones many people now use mobile phones in place of alarm clocks and need to shut down the alarm when they wake, there is a huge tendency to keep pressing the phone after this.

There might be text messages to read, social media chats, and trends to go through. For the business and working class, there is the push to check mails and analytics, but this can adversely affect your brain. Your brain wakes up a little later, and so bombarding it with tasks can bring more stress and might even overwhelm you.

3. Starting your day with negative news

It is natural to want to find out what’s going on around the world once you wake, but you have to be careful not to start your day with negativity. There are lots of positive things happening, but they are underreported.

You should start your day with only positive news so you won’t have a day filled with fears and sorrow.

4. Taking coffee before anything else

Many people rush to take coffee first thing in the morning to help them stay awake and sharp. This is wrong because taking excess amounts of coffee has some adverse effects.

Coffee as a diuretic, causes the kidney to produce urine at a faster rate. Coffees also promote the formation of hydrochloric acid, which can lead to a rise in the acidic levels in the stomach. Both cases aren’t good for your body so you should cut down your caffeine consumption in the morning and avoid drinking it on an empty stomach. (1)

5. Starting your day with complaints

There might be things to feel sad and angry about. You might get provoked before going to bed or even when you just woke, but you shouldn’t start your day out with anger and complaints.

Be the one who leaves the past and focuses on a new day. The day is still young and filled with possibilities. Don’t let complaining be a habit; it may end up ruining your day.

6. Not Planning your day

Many people have the habit of going about their day without a plan or a blueprint of what they aim to achieve. This gives way for procrastination or just getting anything that comes out of the day.

Learn to prepare a daily plan before you set out for the day. Ensure your goals are spelled out and map out strategies to actualize those daily goals, then you can make the best out of your day.

7. Starting with unimportant tasks

Doing the right things at the wrong time or vice versa can be a problem sometimes. Focus on the most important tasks first, finish them up, then move to the ones with less importance. Don’t allow procrastination to creep into you.

8. Rushing to meet other people’s expectations

There are lots of expectations on you. This is normal, but learn to take things easy. Don’t force yourself to meet other people’s expectations without considering yours. Don’t give in to other peoples’ demands at your own expense.

9. Not exercising your body

Ensure that you imbibe the act of doing exercises every morning. Staying active will not only keep your body in shape, but it can also energize your mind by building your resolve, attention, endurance, etc.

Choose the kind of exercise that suits your personality and make it part of your daily routine and while doing it, take lots of deep breaths. This would build your body and mind.

10. Not tidying up

While this is a habit, a few have, it’s best to stop it altogether. Take time to clean up your bedroom and most importantly make your bed before setting out in the morning. Put everything in their rightful place and take out every trash. This serenity will give you a positive vibe for the day ahead.

Final Thoughts

Nevertheless, these habits will only be a thing of the past when you maintain a positive mindset so, persevere, believe it, and you will achieve it; it’s worth giving it a try.


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